M32 Uprated Gearbox Rebuild Kit Contains 9 Bearings 5 Seals 3 Circlips

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M32 Uprated 6 Speed Rebuild Kit > 2011

If you are uncertain of fitment please contact us with a UK registration or European chassis number and we will check for you immediately.

This Kit Fits all M32 Models >2011

The M32 gearbox is fitted with two different size input bearings and seals. The content of this kit allows for it to be ordered before the gearbox is dismantled.

This kit Contains: -

2 x Top mainshaft uprated S.N.R taper roller bearings

1 x Top input shaft uprated S.N.R. taper roller bearing

2 x Bottom mainshaft Timken bearings

1 x Front input shaft early Timken bearing 27mm internal diameter

1 x Front input shaft late S.N.R. bearing 25 mm internal diameter

2 x Differential / Crown wheel UPRATED S.N.R. bearings

1 x O Ring2 x Differential / Drive shaft oil seals

1 x Front input O.E.M seal for use with the Timken front input bearing, 26mm x 41 mm x 6 mm

1 x Front input O.E.M seal for use with the S.N.R. front input bearing, 24.5 mm x 41mm x 6 mm

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