M32 Gearbox Complete Bearing & End Case Upgrade Kit Top 3 Uprated 62mm Bearings

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M32 / M20 Gearbox Complete Upgrade Kit Including 3 x Uprated SNR 62mm Top Casing Bearings & Back Case

This kit is an upgrade for early M32 Gearboxes replacing the 3 bearings most prone to failure

This kit contains: -

1 x OE Quality Late Rear Main Case

2 x OE Top Mainshaft / Diff Pinion Bearings EC42229 / EC41767, Dimensions, 25mm x 62mm x 17.5mm ( SNR )

1 x OE Top Layshaft / Input Shaft Bearing EC43082 / EC42229, Dimensions, 28mm x 62mm x 17.5 mm ( SNR )

2 x Bottom mainshaft Timken bearings

1 x Front input shaft early Timken bearing 27mm internal diameter

1 x Front input shaft late S.N.R. bearing 25 mm internal diameter

2 x Differential / Crown wheel UPRATED S.N.R. bearings

2 x Differential / Drive shaft oil seals

1 x Front input O.E.M seal for use with the Timken front input bearing, 26mm x 41 mm x 6 mm

1 x Front input O.E.M seal for use with the S.N.R. front input bearing, 24.5 mm x 41mm x 6 mm

2 x OE sets of shims 0.80mm & 0.90mm ( one set of larger shims will be needed for correct set up we supply two different sizes to choose from )

1 x O Ring

If you are uncertain of fitment please contact us with a UK registration or European VIN / chassis number and we will check for you immediately

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