BMW Type 215 Rear Differential OEM Bearing & Seal Repair Kit

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Bmw Type 215 Rear Differential OEM Bearing & Seal Repair Kit

This kit fits the following BMW models with the type 215 diff -
123d, 135i, 125d, 330d, 330cd, 335i, 335xi, 335i xdrive, 325d, 330xd, 330d xdrive, 325d, 335d, 540i, 530d, 545i, 550i, 525d, 525d xdrive, 530xd, 530d xdrive, 535d, 525xd, 525d xdrive, 535i, 535i xdrive, 550i xdrive, 530d, 535d xdrive, m 550d xdrive, 645ci, 650i, 635d, 650i xdrive, 640d, 640d xdrive, 740i il, 750i il, 730d, 740d, 735i li, 740i il, 745i il, 750i il, 760i, 760i li, 745d, 750i, 750i xdrive, activehybrid, 740d xdrive, 750d xdrive, xdrive 25d, 3.0sd, xdrive 30d, xdrive 35d, 3.0d, 3.0si, xdrive 35i, m, 4.8i xdrive, xdrive 50i, 3.0d, xdrive 40d, xdrive 30d, xdrive 40d, sdrive 35i, sdrive 35is
If you are uncertain of fitment please contact us with a UK registration or European VIN / chassis number and we will check for you immediately
This Kit Contains -
1 x Pinion double ball bearing

1 x Pinion double ball bearing

2 x Differential / Crown wheel ball bearings - 50mm x 100mm x 20mm

1 x Pinion Flange oil seal - Corteco OEM - 50mm x 78mm x 10/15mm

2 x Drive shaft Flange oil seals - Corteco OEM - 50mm x 100.1mm x 10/15mm

1 x Compression spacer - Genuine OE

1 x Tube of Bondit HA6 Silicone

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