BMW 1 Series Differential Diff Bearing, Seal & Planet Gear Repair Kit Type 168L

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BMW 1 Series Type 168L Differential & Planet Gear Rebuild Kit 2003 > 2012

Please Note: - This kit will not fit all of the diesel models ( Despite other sellers advising on here that it will ) Certain of the diesel models are fitted with the larger Type 188L differential.

If you are uncertain of fitment please contact us with a UK registration or chassis number and we will check for you immediately

This Kit Contains: -

1 x Pinion Bearing ( FAG branded O.E Fitment ) F236120

1 x Pinion Bearing ( FAG branded O.E Fitment ) F239495

2 x Carrier Bearings ( FAG branded O.E. Fitment ) F239513

1 x Pinion Seal ( Corteco Branded O.E. Fitment ) 45mm x 65mm x 10/14mm

2 x Output Seals ( Corteco branded O.E. Fitment ) 44mm x 78mm x 10/15.5mm

1 x Pinion Flange lock Washer ( O.E. Part )

1 x Compression Spacer ( O.E. Part )

2 x Large Planet Gears (O.E Quality)

2 x Small Planet Gears (O.E Quality)

4 x Large Planet Shims (O.E Quality)

2 x Small Planet Shims (O.E Quality)

1 x Cross pin (O.E Quality)

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